Sunday, April 5, 2009


001-mini system-n8 & tony
002-bitchen summer-Live 94 and rehearsals
003-3 Piece Chicken Dinner-wall of noise and meat/live dinner CD-R
004-mini system-collections from 98 and 99
005-bitchen summer-Live '96
006-bitchen summer-Moog and A.M. in the morning-
007-planet head and the van jam
008-original psychedelic summer with DT
009-The Projection Company
010-mini system-microcraft
011-mini system@tony's
012-mini system-stardust/mini diks
013-max cloud-Voice Slayer
014-max cloud-Bass Face
015-mini system-mega system
016-max cloud live at the silent barn-12-06-06
017-max cloud-3 untitled
019-max cloud-recordings from 5/07
020-LF#8-TV Tape
022-LF#10-The Dream Machine-Music for Mouth
023-LF#11-Anthony Miller DT Van Roc
024-LF#12-Max Cloud tape cuts
025-Meat Puck-Blood in Bulk
027-LF#1-Murder radio
028-LF#5-Ambient sounds of city
029-LF#6-Harlem River Jam
030-max cloud loop retard collaboration-We are real Artists
031-tape deck-metal spaghetti
032-LF#4-Broadcast Mania Meltdown
033-LF#3-Deck Slams and Radio Riffs
034-LF#2-Exploding into the Sea
035-LF#7-Soundtrack to movie(Shadow People)
036-BSX and mini system on WCBN
037-human loop-flesh dungeon
038-HZMT-collections and space
041-HZMT-soul of hades
043-Skeleton Wryr-side kick deli
044-HZMT-Live in detroit-DAS
045-siberia-Snow men of shambaala
047-max cloud-Scorpion minds
048-siberia-Electric blanket
049-max cloud-MHC (Mental Health Consumer)
050-bitchen summer-Live 95'
051-Max Cloud-Strange Dreamer
052-Max Cloud-She Hates Me/GOin Steady
053-Suntan Band-This is BrainTan
054-Suntan Band-Van Tan/Face Off
056-Piasa-music on broken bones