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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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Sunday, April 5, 2009


001-mini system-n8 & tony
002-bitchen summer-Live 94 and rehearsals
003-3 Piece Chicken Dinner-wall of noise and meat/live dinner CD-R
004-mini system-collections from 98 and 99
005-bitchen summer-Live '96
006-bitchen summer-Moog and A.M. in the morning-
007-planet head and the van jam
008-original psychedelic summer with DT
009-The Projection Company
010-mini system-microcraft
011-mini system@tony's
012-mini system-stardust/mini diks
013-max cloud-Voice Slayer
014-max cloud-Bass Face
015-mini system-mega system
016-max cloud live at the silent barn-12-06-06
017-max cloud-3 untitled
019-max cloud-recordings from 5/07
020-LF#8-TV Tape
022-LF#10-The Dream Machine-Music for Mouth
023-LF#11-Anthony Miller DT Van Roc
024-LF#12-Max Cloud tape cuts
025-Meat Puck-Blood in Bulk
027-LF#1-Murder radio
028-LF#5-Ambient sounds of city
029-LF#6-Harlem River Jam
030-max cloud loop retard collaboration-We are real Artists
031-tape deck-metal spaghetti
032-LF#4-Broadcast Mania Meltdown
033-LF#3-Deck Slams and Radio Riffs
034-LF#2-Exploding into the Sea
035-LF#7-Soundtrack to movie(Shadow People)
036-BSX and mini system on WCBN
037-human loop-flesh dungeon
038-HZMT-collections and space
041-HZMT-soul of hades
043-Skeleton Wryr-side kick deli
044-HZMT-Live in detroit-DAS
045-siberia-Snow men of shambaala
047-max cloud-Scorpion minds
048-siberia-Electric blanket
049-max cloud-MHC (Mental Health Consumer)
050-bitchen summer-Live 95'
051-Max Cloud-Strange Dreamer
052-Max Cloud-She Hates Me/GOin Steady
053-Suntan Band-This is BrainTan
054-Suntan Band-Van Tan/Face Off
056-Piasa-music on broken bones

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What is MarkTapes?

I will be updating this periodically and right at the moment there is far too much
data for me to compile in one sitting .
So I would like to start at the START- bringing a sample of some of the first delvings of myself and Nate Young, Aaron Dilloway, and some others that I will mention as we go along. This site is mainly just a chronological discography all of mark tapes-(click here for gnu mark tapes) - this listing wont include all that I've recorded or done with others as it is mainly just a vanity label apart from a few releases by other radsters that I like and some audio that I've hijacked.
Highway Audio Robbery is a dream of mine, more like an active passion and I feel that these
newer style collections of yours truly would be better represented under a different sub-label
that l like to call L.F.'s- an acronym that I chose to represent Lost and Found, Low Fidelity, Large Female Tapes.
Furthermore I would like to express that allot of these tapes have been around for awhile and in circulation but just mildly distributed and there was nothing serious in the acts about vain Mark Tapes-tape label that which I adore and now like to give a more sufficient exposure.
Artists on Mark Tapes
RX Gibbs